Creative Mode Ideas

  1. JustMeM
    I created this post so we can post all our ideas on what to build here.
  2. JustMeM
    I recently built a haunted house for halloween

  3. JustMeM
    This is the castle I built when I was bored the one day
  4. BugGirl793
    Those look really cool! My go-to things to build are always castles, but mine are usually more for function (as a home base when friends are playing on my worlds) rather than looks. I don't play in creative mode nearly as much as I should, haha. I used to build a lot of pixel pictures, which was a ton of fun.
  5. JustMeM
    Im not too good with pixel pictures! But sometimes just building and realizing it can come out great is fun. I always struggle with that. I built this huge tower once and I was so proud of it until I realize that I cant actually use the space inside the tower, because it will ruin the look! x_X
  6. rookie01321
    This is awesome! Thanks for sharing your stuff. It puts my minecraft to shame haha. I love seeing what people create on there. Love your white castle!
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