Fibromyalgia, bursitis, back pain, chronic fatigue, etc

  1. purpleclouds
    Does anyone have any tips on managing their pain when you have to function (go to dr. appointments, long car rides, class, grocery shopping, etc)? I'm just getting over a bad fibro flair up but it has spread from my back down my spine and it hurts to sit making just about everything excruciating. I've always had pain in my hips so that's not new but now the fibro is effecting my knees so that makes sitting even harder when they're bent. i'm in college and i fidget a lot in class and have even asked to stand because it's easier on my lower spine. I do have prescription meds that i take daily and a pain med that i can take but i'm always afraid to take it because of the chance of physical dependence.

    my doctor recommended a back brace which i tried and hated. and he gave me a cream i haven't tried yet. Physical therapy has been to difficult so they discharged me.

    I've also been so exhausted i've spent most of my days in bed when i'm not out and about. Things like grocery shopping wear me out to the point i can hardly stand.

    it's just so frustrating. IF anyone has found something that works for them it would be great to hear about. Or to just hear other's experiences with pain.

    I want to be a nurse and i feel like this is going to be a barrier.

  2. Iris
    Hey there,
    I am sorry you suffer from fibro pain too. I use cough syrup to help with the pain. There is a lot of medical controversy on taking guaifenesin to cure fibro but I am personally not claiming it cures fibro it just helps with symptoms for me. Guaifenesin is the expectorant (E) in otc cough syrup.
    According to Mark London, guaifenesin:

    Has muscle relaxant properties.
    May help reduce anxiety.
    Can have an analgesic effect.
    Is know to increases the analgesic effect of other pain relievers including acetaminophen and even opioids.

    I personally find it helps but I am in no way suggesting it cures or reverses the effects of fibro on the body. Its just a tool to use when I have a really bad day. Mostly I use it at night when I can't sleep due to pain as it makes me drowsy.

    I hope you find some relief.

  3. weepingwillow
    <---- wall o' hugs to you.

    I really relate to the pain being so wide spread. I have trouble with all of my joints and other skeletal issues and so if one thing stops hurting something else usually starts up. I hurt my right knee and so my left hip goes out from trying to baby the knee, and on and on. I find it hard to sit still, which is pretty common it seems. Staying in any one position for a long time is bad. Sleeping is a blessing and a curse. The rest is obviously necessary, but I hurt myself while I'm sleeping. Roll on my arm wrong or strain my neck rolling over.

    I have braces for just about everything, but I try not to use them too much. It was seriously hard, but I also started exercising regularly. Have stronger muscles around the joint takes a lot of the pressure off the joint. I use heat or ice, depending on the issue. Heat for tension and cold for swelling works for me. Right now I'm taking neurontin for pain and also have ibuprofen I can take. Those also are an anti inflammatory so helps there too. I try to prevent as much as I can. Obviously I can't do that, but I try to remember to use the above tools to help myself. Sometimes it lessens the impact of the flare, but not always and not completely. Stretching regularly has also been a huge help. It might hurt somewhat, but it loosens up the muscles and sometimes will give me more mobility for the whole day.

    Sometimes I just grit my teeth and do whatever needs done, but I try to avoid this. My pain tolerance is high, but there comes a point where it doesn't matter. idk, understand not wanting to grow dependent on the pain meds, but it might be helpful to take them. I usually talk to my doctor about taking half doses if they work for me instead. I also try to plan out when I might need extra pain meds or anxiety ones. If I am going shopping - is hard on anxiety and pain - I will take my prn meds a half hour ahead or so and then they are working while I need them at the store.

    idk if I said anything useful, but I really relate.
  4. purpleclouds
    Thank you both so much!
    Iris--i'll have to check with my doctor on that just because i'm on so many other meds/have some other medical problems that could interact but i'll check it out! I have been given a muscle relaxant pill so maybe it does something similar? The only thing is, like my narcotic pill, i don't like taking the muscle relaxant too often. so you might have a really good suggestion!

    Weepingwillow--I will say gabapentin(neurontin) has been fairly helpful for me. It's made less flair ups-at least since i upped the dosage. still lots of pain though. I can't take ibuprofen because of my lithium. But stretching is a great idea! I have PT exercises i should be doing but i kind of lost them...and they hurt. I have a high pain tolerance too which is why i usually don't take my pain meds but sometimes it's just THAT bad. Planning like you said is a good idea! I always take my meds to school so if it gets unbearable i have them. You were very helpful and i definitely relate!

    Sorry for my late response to both of you.

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