seeking friends

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  1. Artgirl1026
    I have a hard time making friends as well. I am pushing myself to reach out more socially through the chat but I still feel myself pulling away. I don't know why the fear happens but it does. I guess I keep trying because I want some sense of caring friendships even if they are virtual.
  2. catmom21
    hiya artgirl, i understand about making friends online. to me the online people are better than some 3d people imo. i have made two friends so far starting from virtual. it can happen, just will take time. i understand fear of opening up but go at your own pace when opening up to someone. do not have to rush friendship

  3. wonderin'
    i'm happy to know that it's not just me that feels like this.
  4. Nikki 2
    Nikki 2
    I am struggling at the moment and would really appreciate having some friends to chat to.
  5. finlyalive
    I am struggling too and would like to have some friends. This is such a hard time of year.
  6. cdauphne
    I would like to make friends here. I am new to the Fort but fit in many ways here. Ready for friends and healing
  7. gastlypatronus
    hey. could use new friends as well, feeling very alone.
  8. Irie
    I need a friend right now, sometimes im so alone and I get really down at times. Having someone to talk with would be really nice
  9. JustMeM
    I wouldn't mind having a friend too.
  10. Rossk

    I would like to be friends. You can PM, maybe we can trade IM somehow. I get so lonely and isolated myself that its hard to socialized with other people sometimes.
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