What are your Ratties' names?

  1. Ratkins79
    I love hearing what other people name their rats.
    My boys are Norbert, Buck, Butler, Gimli, Frodo, and Sam. My girls are Seraphina, Cordelia, and Tipper.
    I had Lola. She is the mom of the babies. But she became very aggressive even after separating her from the babies. A friend of mine took her in and she calmed right down. So she's keeping her for me. Lola gets along well with her and seems to be very happy there.
    Ok, your turn......
  2. doogie
    Pickles was my first, then CinnamonBuns, and then Meatloaf
  3. Arjaxx
    Hamilton was my sweet baby rat, and he was paired with Jude. Then came along Socrates and Petrarch.
  4. username
    I have professor blerk, sargent boggle, columbus, and oswald
  5. theunwanted
    Tigger and Pooh
  6. FindingHome
    Alice (my albino), Sweetpea (who is actually not true to her namesake, lol!), Bopeep (my beige curly hair), Wendy (dumbo rex), and Dorothy (dumbo, sister to Wendy, who recently passed away).

    I started with Alice, who they lost at my local Petco as a baby and then found stuck to one of their glue traps about a week later. My ex roommate worked there and helped, using lots of mineral oil, to free her from the trap. Since it was just her back feet that got caught, she was free without any major damage. Petco was going to just have her euthanized, since she had roamed free and they couldn't guarantee her any more, so my ex roommate brought her home. I never thought I'd like rats until I met Alice. As scared as Alice was, when my ex roommate forced her onto my shoulder, she cuddled under my hair.....and fell asleep. She was so stinking adorable! Then she did a weird eye thing (I now know it's called boggling, but was seriously freaked out the first time she did it!) while I was scratching her, and we became inseparable ever since!

    My ex roommate already had a few rats of her own that I never showed any interest in, so they told me all I needed to know for Alice. I bought a Critter Nation double cage (she was only going to get the best from me! XD) without realizing how gigantic it was for a single rat. I knew I had to get her friends to keep her company while I was away, so I started looking around. Dorothy and Wendy my ex roommate gave me, since they were an accidental litter she rescued previously, and were about the same age as Alice. They all bonded immediately! A few months later, I made the mistake to walk into the local exotic pet store. They had feeder rats. As I was talking to the manager about having my own pet rats, she surprised me and said she did as well, and then showed me the special bin where she kept the (hopefully) 'adoptable rats' for the people who came in wanting one as a pet. She showed me the two she liked, Bopeep and Sweetpea, and I fell in love again. They were a little younger than my other girls, but they also ran up my arms to my shoulder and both just...fell asleep together. The manager laughed and told me to take them, they were free since they liked me and she really enjoyed seeing the rats go to loving homes.

    So Alice got her name because she metaphorically went down the rabbit hole and came back (got lost and returned, lol!). Plus, she's white, like the white rabbit. Bopeep has curly hair like a little sheep and is kind of timid. Sweetpea loves me and will allow me to do anything to her while boggling like a mad woman, but will quite literally bite anyone else that tries to touch her...so her name is a little ironic. Wendy is a little thing with giant ears that, when running loose, wants nothing to do with being a grownup and runs off, presumably to find Neverland. Dorothy was in the same boat; she would immediately jump down and take off like a tornado took her to Kansas....then return to give me lots of kisses, only to bound off again! I loved her so much.

    I got a little carried away there, but those are my girls and their names! Dorothy was taken from us too soon by a tumor and Alice is having some teeth issues that I'm taking care of today at the vets office, but everyone else is happy and healthy. They are my absolute babies!
  7. Arjaxx
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