Favorite Star Trek Montage Videos

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  1. Tasha1701D
    Ran across this today and had a much needed laugh.

  2. DawnAnn
    That was really funny. Thanks
  3. weepingwillow
    Been catching up on this thread and I'm so glad I did. I understand Spock's issue there, I'm often very literal. Why can't people just say what they actually mean?!
  4. Tasha1701D
    I'm also often very literal, too. And one of the things my new coworker likes about me is that I can deadpan with the best of them. I'm so glad someone gets that again. Haha. They just need to think of me as the honorary Vulcan in the department.
  5. Sunshinegang
    Whooo eeeeee this was such a wonderful find today on Fort! I am always amazed at the little treasure trove of things that I happen to bump into here on this site. Just when I think I've "found them all", little gems like this page pop up!

    I LOOOVE LOOOVE LOOVE the tribute to Gene Roddenberry video. THAT was epic.

    I have a few more that I know of that I will post here but will need to do that a little later. Spent more time here this morning than I intended! (but don't regret it!)

    Beaming down to the surface now to mingle with the "commoners!"
  6. Alchemist
    I've just finished watching The Original Series and these videos make me miss it already. At least I have another season of The Next Generation left, then the movies, then three more series... strewth, that's a lot of Trek to catch up on. Such a chore. Ho hum! *gets started*

    Also, I feel it worth mentioning.. Leonard Nimoy topless... *clears throat* :$
  7. Sunshinegang
    Alchemist, you are watching all the Star Trek Series/movies for the first time??? Oh to be a Trekkie virgin again!!! Jealous!
  8. rainbowpigeon
    The quality's not that good, but... here you go!


    Bah! Can't get the video link to embed.
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