Relay Service?

  1. Ananiujitha
    Are there any relay services, for people who can't use phones, which don't require phone calls to register?

    Someone elsewhere suggested SprintIP, but their online regiustration doesn't work. I get into an endless loop where they request that I email a certain address, and someoneone from customer service I need to go through their web site and email athe address there... which is the exact same address...
  2. weepingwillow
    Wish I had some suggestion for you, but unfortunately I don't know much about different relay services. I'm confused though, is the e-mail address they said you had to contact not working? That seems like a big issue that needs corrected on their end if that's the case.
  3. Ananiujitha
    Yeah. It seems to lead to a customer service email, and they don't handle registration, so they send me back to the site, which leads me back to the email.
  4. Ananiujitha
    I thought I hd the necessary info to mail in the docuumentation to finish the registration, but due toa bug I have a generic page without anything at all. @#$%
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