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  1. MakeshiftWe
    Man, Okami has one of the most compelling soundtracks I've ever heard. I adore it completely.

    And even though the Kingdom Hearts series has a lot of flaws, I'm still a sucker for the heartfelt messages in it. Aside from that, the music is incredible. Yoko Shimomura at her prime, I think.

    - Lliott
  2. theredmarker
    One of my favourite remixes (even though most of the time I'm not into electronic-sounding stuff). I adore the piano in this. It's so soulful.
    This is a remix from the 2nd generation of Pokémon games, the song that plays when you encounter and fight your rival, Silver.

  3. theredmarker
    Started playing this game recently, and absolutely love this track. It is SO MUCH EPIC.

  4. theredmarker
    Undertale has some pretty amazing music. This one feels intense, confusing, and a tad frightening.

  5. theredmarker
    This song accompanies my favourite character in Undertale. XD He is completely ridiculous. I think I love him because he's so child-like.

  6. theredmarker
    This song is somehow simultaneously energetic and melancholy. One of my favourites from the Undertale OST.

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