What's your biggest struggle your disabilty (ies) or the meds to treat it/them?

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  1. Iris
    I have spinal injury and vertigo and I get that all the time Thesinister, even from the nurses at the clinic where i used to be treated. I'm sorry you go thru that too.
    Also a local story of a diabetic who fell at the train station due to low blood glucose and people walked around them assuming alcohol or drugs. Eventually they got help.

    My greatest difficulty is using the public transit which is free for disabled people but all the seats for disabled are taken by people who sometimes don't need them. With my vertigo and fibro I cannot balance using the straps they provide. I have fallen 3 times and injured myself more. Disabilities can be unseen but I wish people who don't need the seats would not use them. I get so ashamed when I have to beg for a seat so I don't fall. Now I have to limit myself to disability transit which i have to pay for and is unreliable just to ensure I get to sit down.

    Maybe disability transit is my biggest issue lol got lots of stories of misery like last night when the disability taxi driver said after several attempts to put on my own seat belt not to bother cos i'm in the back seat and he won't be driving fast down the back roads. WTF

    Thanks for sharing your stories makes me feel less alone in my struggles. for all
  2. weepingwillow
    The illnesses that people can't see are usually the ones that people get the most crap for. Know several people with MS, so understand how those with MS are often treated. Sorry that you are experiencing this.
  3. Phosphorror
    My biggest struggle is the sleepiness associated with narcolepsy. I have to take stimulants to stave it off, and the stimulants give me horrible anxiety and I can't eat AT ALL when I take them. I get scared that one day I'll fall asleep in a bad place and die from exposure because I fell asleep outside or somewhere where I could drown, crash my car or kill someone else (if it happens while I'm driving), or that someone will victimize me. I also hate the side effects I get from my bipolar medication. Nausea? Ugh. And finally, I hate not being able to walk for more than two miles without risking syncope. POTS is brutal; I have pretty much no capacity for physical work, even standing, and that screws me over when it comes to jobs I can do as well.
  4. Iris
    Sorry that must be terribly hard to deal with... offers hugs
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