Eating Around Food Intolerances?

  1. Ananiujitha
    I can avoid my allergy and migraine triggers if I know what's in my food.

    I can't really figure out how to get a balanced meal with my food intolerances and dietary restrictions though. I can find stuff on a low-fructose diet [due to fructose mal], or a low-protein diet [due to kidney issues], but I can't find stuff on how to prepare good meals and sustain good health with a low-fructose and low-protein diet.

    Any idea how to figure out what to do with these intersecting food intolerances?
  2. weepingwillow
    Personally, if I have an issue like this I ask my doctor, since they can often recommend something or at least direct me somewhere to find out. if that's an option for you or not.
  3. Ananiujitha
    I don't think my doctor really believes me about my health issues. I have had weird urinary tract issues since I was 13, and the test shows severe kidney disease, but she wants me to hydrate and come back in a couple weeks. I get very nasty incapacitating headaches if I hydrate.
  4. weepingwillow
    Usually it's the other way around, as you get rehydrated you have less headaches. Sounds like you are in a similar position to where I was recently with my doctor. I don't know how easy or possible this is where you are, but perhaps finding a different doctor would be a good way to start.
  5. Iris
    I have the feeling of having a bladder infection all the time but I do not have an infection. Do to my abuse i have ended up with interstitial-cystitis its like the fibro disorder of the bladder meaning you feel it and docs usually dismiss it. Here is a link to mayo clinic.

    And ditto on what willow said on finding a new dr.

    Good luck.
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