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  1. theothermoon
    hello everyone. decided to join as well. my name is alice. im 16 years old. im a protector of a protector. my favorite color is pink followed by black. I like a lot of music expecially hard rock. so just wanted to introduce myself to other teens. im sill learning to be a protector and be more part of life in this body. so im just doing the best I can. anyway yeah hi everyone

  2. moondreams
    hi and welcome here.
  3. davis
    Hola, peeps. Hey, Theothermoon, and all who like really hard rock, just discovered the band System of a Down. Know them? Guess most of their recordings were done like a decade ago. But dudes, they are so fuckin' AWEsome! Our new T says we should check out AWOL Nation. Like the band name. Guess they're "post punk" or some shite. Gonna check 'em out.

    So having issues with new T. Anyone willing to talk about T shit?
  4. moondreams
    hi sry it took so long to answer. anyway ya u should start a new post about ur t issues in here if u want to. id be willing to talk about t stuff with u. feel free to start a thread about it in this group. we don't have a t but r willing to listen to ur t stuff anyway. so feel free to talk about it in another post.
  5. davis
    Nah, that's a'ight. Also, I was thinking that for some reason I needed to have my own account, but everyone else just uses their main handle. This site still confuses me! Ha! Maybe I'll just use the orek account from now on. That way if other teens or whatevs want to respond, they ain't using my name.
  6. moondreams
    We have many accounts here at this site. Most of us share the teen account which is the one we are using. Or the kid account, for the lils. Then there is also some alters who wanted their own account and only they use it. So that's why we have so many accounts. Its up to you if you want to have your own account for only you, share the main account, or even make a new account for all the teens to use. Its up to you.

  7. lunateen
    hey id be willing to talk about t issues if u want. also love the hard rock music too. its kool.
  8. AlexG15
    Hey there. I'm Kate. I'm 17 about to be 18. Yeah, there's not much to say about me so.....bye I guess.

  9. FindingHome
    So I just realized this isn't the same forum that we used to go on. Our name is different. So now I guess I have to find new friends. What a fancy crockpot....

    My name is Sara. I'm about eighteen now. The years are kind of weird now that Fin is around. She is a total.... can I swear here? She told me if I swore I wouldn't be allowed on the site anymore but that's kind of something I like doing.

    I like video games. I also like dressing up. My hair should be blond but I don't think Fin will let me dye it like Leaf did. Ugh and she even cut our hair! AHHH our hair was SOOOO long. What a CROCK!

    I'm not sure what else to say except hello. I hope to meet others like me.
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