(Rant) Sensory Bombardment

  1. Ananiujitha
    I have been beaten four times today. So far.

    I get beaten most days.

    I don't know what to do.

    I have sensory processing issues. I always saw and heard things differently from most people, and owing to some kind of worsening illness, possibly fibromyalgia, I also see and hear things more intensely than most people. I don't have the words for all the differences, but basically, flashing lights are very painful, certain sounds are very painful, and backup beepers are so painful I can't do anything but curl up, scream, and wish to die. And these things are everywhere and inescapable. And while the backup beepers were terrible, they were only when something was backing up. New beepers are constant. Flashing blinder/disorienters on trucks and schoolbuses and the like are constant. What safety purpose do these things serve?

    And there doesn't seem to be anything I can do to stop the beatings. I have insulated one closet with sound-absorbing foam, but it isn't enough, and it isn't like I can dash there before each beating at home, let alone elsewhere. I have ear protectors and ear plugs and sunglasses, but they aren't enough.
  2. finlyalive
    You might find some answers reading some sensory integration dysfunction articles to get some ideas on how to cope with the sounds. There are even books. Maybe it will help. I wish you the best.
  3. lilblacklamb
    just wondering have you ever seen a occupational therapist? my daughter has a sensory prepossessing disorder and the OT had some ideas to help her deal with some of the overwhelming sensory issues she has (touch, sound, light and smell mostly) mite be a idea to check in to one for some help or just advice
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