Connections between the HS trait and abuse/recovery process

  1. Hekka
    Does anyone have any stories in which the HS trait was important in helping you during abuse and recovery?

    I know I had a voice (my intuition or probably an alter) who did not miss a single occasion to tell me that I had been abused as a child, ALL MY LIFE, even when my memories were technically repressed. And when I was discovering HSP, I stumbled across a post that said: people who had a harsh/traumatic childhood are more sensitive when people who haven't. Something like that. And that voice said: You are very sensitive. And you know why? Because you fit that category!
    I think I just told her to shut up at that point and that she was crazy. One year later, my first memories of abuse come back to me...

    Just wanted to share this. I remember every instance this voice came into play, and during a period where I was reading everything I could about HSP, it was definitely increased. It makes me smile now. Discovering the HS trait was the start of my awakening... Just wanted to share
  2. weepingwillow
    In some ways it did help during abuse at least. I was sensitive to minor changes in body language, and heard differences in voice tone or could hear someone walking or breathing near me. These things gave me a little bit of extra defense.

    imo I was already born a hsp, it's not something that is a left over from the abuse. I do think I'm a little more sensitive than I otherwise would have been because I relied on it though.
  3. Callmeishmael
    One thing that has helped me is tuning in to the things that make me happy, even in a bad situation. Like just listening to my heart beating and focusing on that if there are people yelling around me, or if i get caught up in my head just tuning into the feelings in my body, the feeling of my feet on the floor is my favourite. or just focusing on my breath. This is always where I've gone in distressing situations, just retreating back into my body, then I come out slowly, when I feel safe, by choosing the things I want to let back in, like sunlight, or fresh air, or a colour. I think being HS, I have to be careful about what I let into my experience.
    Also I always know a bad situation before it becomes really bad, but Im not very good at listening to that part of myself yet.
  4. finlyalive
    I think I am very sensitive because of the abuse. I had to be aware of what was going on at all times and that never ended. The cats bathing drives me crazy. But, I hear every car door and every step. Sometimes I panic when my dog walks across the floor until i can see her,
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