Find mechanical noises uncomfortable?

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  1. Kei
    This bothers me a lot. Sometimes people around me get tired of the constant 'huh?' from me, and when they point out they were just talking in an empty area, I start pointing out everything. The one thing that bothers me most of all? I shouldn't be able to hear at my age, and really wish I had the degradation I was supposed to... the high pitch electronic hum from a bad transformer. They are worse than mosquito ringtones my nieces use. A really faulty transformer in a fridge, I can hear from a person's driveway. The 18-20Khz range is what REALLY kills me. I swear most electronics hum in that range. Ear plugs only do so much.
  2. finlyalive
    Fluorescent lights drive me crazy and I usually end up with a migraine. Anyone listening to the radio with the bass turned up is just about more than I can take. And yes, the trucks and yard equipment make me nuts. The dogs claws clicking on the floor, the cat bathing itself. I think I qualify.
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