Overly strong sense of smell?

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  1. Callmeishmael
    My sense of smell is ridiculous. I usually wear a scarf that smells nice (like lavender or vanilla) and just duck my face into it if I'm around something that smells bad. Also I bring tea with me everywhere so i can just hold it under my nose to avoid bad smells.
    Baking soda is my best friend around the house, it gets rid of any smell, add some vinegar and some lemon to it, magic!!
    My dog got skunked twice too, I almost threw up and my eyes were watering for days from the smell. Worst smell ever!!! I couldn't sleep, I bathed her so much in special anti-skunk shampoo, then I cleaned the shower and the entire bathroom (every single surface, even the ceiling) like three times. I could only sleep by putting a natural vanilla perfume on my skin right under my nose.
    If I cant get rid of a smell thats really bothering me it actually makes me depressed.
    I know these reactions seem a little excessive, but I just can't cope otherwise.
  2. Dawn A
    Dawn A
    I find that my finely tuned sense of smell is tied to memory. The strongest memories are accompanied by the scents of the person or the room or my own bodily fear. I've also been conscience of smells in nightmares.
  3. weepingwillow
    Really good suggestions Callmeishmael!

    I agree Dawn A, smells bring up memories for me a lot of times. I know it's a fairly common thing, but I think for those of us with really strong senses of smell it happens more often.
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