why stars may shine

  1. Ddeb
    Today I sit and wonder why the stars come out at night; never changing, far too constant, what joy they bring momentarily stilled by the vast emptiness surrounding them.

    Yet they must have purpose, must have meaning in the power they possess to draw us in and hold us hanging weightless, wonderful, caught and bound in that void, that space, that senseless ceaseless non-being constant in all our lives.

    It sucks; it pulls, enveloping energy from every core till we cower below in our own non-being constant monotony, we denigrated fools who hobble on bloody knees to bow and scrape to the once-was memories of our own once wished-for lives; thus enslaving, entrapping our own souls in exchange for the mere chance to hope for more.

    While our children sleep, they dream unseeing what binds them to the sky; the empty void, a trap, surrounding them; yet blinded by the twinkle of stars, never guessing, never daring to see beyond the light to the black that draws them in to their own inevitable future where the rest of us, now awakened, hang suspended as we grovel, as we plead, to see the stars again.
  2. weepingwillow
    I liked this very much. Thank you for sharing it!
  3. Manya
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