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  1. moondreams
    I agree people should get to have fun more.

    anyway im feeling stressed cuz im in pain and cuz whats going on with the mom as well. and us.

  2. davis
    Feelin' pretty a'ight about finding this place to chill with other teens. And yeah, I always want to run fuckin' wild and howl at the moon. Aroooooo!

    Oblivion? Man, what a cool name for a band. Have to check them out. Totally get the wariness around T appt. Still checkin' out our new one. Jury's still out, but thinkin' she'll be a'ight, even if she's not our doc who retired. She was friggin' awesome. I miss her, though probly not as much as she misses me. Ha!

    Shout out to all you struggling. Hope it gets better for ya soon.
  3. lunateen
    im pissed off right now. I hate our evil horrible aunt. I feel like she it out to ruin our lives. that she just enjoys making ppl miserable. so im in a bad mood right now.
  4. lunateen
    I cant stop crying right now. im so depressed and lonely I cant stand it.
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