1. WinterRosie
    I thought we needed a happy thread so I made one
    I'm like the super-duper-uber depressed one here, too. But me and Rosie got into a fight and she had to buy me something cuz our T said so

    So I got ANGEL CARDS!

    - Persephone
  2. Tashi
    Sounds fun. Do you like the cards?
  3. Famine
    I wish our host would do more good stuff for us like that :( but happy thread is good what are angel cards?
  4. davis
    Dudette, no way! Your T said she had to?? Awesome! Ha! Score one for the teens. I don't think our last T would have out and said such a thing, but I bet our new one would. Hmmmm, now I totally need to see if I can make that happen. I don't mean purposely start a fight or nothin', but something.....

    I'm not sure what angel cards are either. Is it like a get out of jail free card? ;P
  5. moondreams
    Wow that's totally awesome. That sounds great. Also you are right we could use some happy threads on here. It doesn't have to just be sad depression topics. Sometimes its nice to talk about good things. And the fun things about being a teen. Thank you for starting this thread. Also I have no idea what angel cards are either. So that's interesting. Glad you got them though.

  6. WinterRosie
  7. lunateen
    kool glad u got to have something. neat ur t said ur host had to get u something. sweet. yay happy thread here
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