annoying TV commercial

  1. familyof23
    Okay, I've just got to rant about this one tv commercial that is bugging the CRAP out of me; though it may seem petty. Idk how many of you are from OR, but if you are and you watch a lot of TV, you'll know the one I mean.
    It's this add for Portland . Talking about how "we are can do-ers, and fierce independent thinkers and blah blah blah blah blah! " they play it repeatedly. It's highly annoying. Sometimes they play the same one twice in a row. And I'm just sitting here like, "what if I'm not a can do-er? What if I'm not fierce? Am I then not considered an Oregonian? " srry. I guess you'd have to see the full commercial to really get how ANNOYING it is.
    And so concludes my rant.
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