When Im asked my age

  1. moondreams
    ok so this is actually not an issue on this site. but it is an issue I deal with from being a teen in an adult body. ok so like if I go to other sites and someone asks my age I never know what to say. the reasons why is because usually other people post too. if its a site for adults ill say the bodies age but I feel really awkward because people can tell that I act a lot younger. so it makes it hard to say the right age. also we have to share some accounts or wed have 50 different accounts to deal with.
    also if I go to a teen or kid site I have another problem. I feel embarrassed cuz they are outside teens. im in an adult body. so if I say bodies age I think that they will think im a creeper or something. but if I say im a teen and say my age then the next day someone else says a different age then im a liar. its so complicated. I love being able to talk to teens cuz I relate to them. I don't relate to adults at all. but since they are outside teens I don't think they should know about abuse or any of that. they should just enjoy being a kid. so of course I wont say that. well anyway just wanted to share how hard it can be to be a teen in an adult body when you decide to be on social sites. so far I just say I don't want to say my age. then if they guess teen I might say yes.

  2. BlueBirds
    we usually don't say how old we are, unless they ask but we normally tell our own ages and not the body age but I guess we don't have to much problem as teens as the bodies only 22
  3. lunateen
    I struggle too sometimes. Im starting to think at least saying we r a teen is the best thing. don't know about being specific about the age cuz it changes depending on whos out. but I think since we r teens maybe its best we say we r teens. idk. just thinking I guess.
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