Anybody else ever been to a convention?

  1. EllieBelleKitty
    I went to every Star Trek convention that came through town when I was in junior high. Some of the happiest memories of my "tween" years happened at conventions. I usually appeared dressed as an original series Vulcan science officer or yeoman. (Yes, I'm aware that as a "red shirt" I probably would've been gone 10 minutes into my episode.)
  2. Tasha1701D
    Hey Ellie,

    I have been to one convention a very long time ago, sort of accidentally. I enjoyed it. And in a few weeks, a friend and I are going to a comic and sci fi convention. I'm looking forward to it, although I'm worried about the amount of people that will surely be there.

  3. weepingwillow
    Never managed to make it to one. I've had tickets twice before, and a passing chance at attending a third one, but it always falls through. Now I'm not sure if I'd be able to have fun in that big of a crowd.
  4. Knight
    *TW: Strong and explicit thoughts, feelings and emotions.*

    How and where does one exactly purchase tickets for a "Star Trek" Convention? "Comic-Con?"

    The conventions themselves look real busy and everyone seems to be having a blast!

    A real sense of community and belonging!
  5. EllieBelleKitty
    @Knight - it's more or less like any event - just do a web search to find one not too far from you, and once you find one you'll probably be able to order tickets online. And yeah, they were VERY fun! Some of my happiest tween memories happened there.
  6. DawnAnn
    I went to conventions. Star Trek, various other sci-fi ones as well as Comic-Con. One of favorite Star Trek Con memory is when Majel Barrett (nurse Chapel) invited young ladies up to her room for a heart to heart talk about girl stuff. She was very kind and seemed to care about us.
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