Ahhhh! It's RAINING WATER!!!!

  1. EllieBelleKitty
    Flight was born in a hot, dry Texas summer, and after 10 weeks was brought to California during what some people have told me was the worst drought in over 150 years. Despite being 8 months old, she has never seen rain.

    She loves water, however. Turn on water anywhere and she comes zooming from wherever she is in the house to watch and quite possibly play. She also has recently taken to using leftover shower water or, if possible, a dripping faucet, to enhance her baths. (Yes, this is a very strange little cat.)

    Well the rain finally decided to come, now that our typical rainy season period is over halfway gone. Last night a doozy of a shower got started, and Flight heard the water drenching the outside of the house. I'm sure she could see it outside through the windows. She got a look of aimless but urgent excitement, like a kid who heard an ice cream truck somewhere...couldn't tell just how to take advantage of this, but she had to find out!

    She disappeared for a moment and then I heard a sound from the bathroom. "MWOWWWWWWW! MWWOWOWOWWWWWWWWW!"

    I walked in to find her sitting in the bathtub with huge kitten eyes, right next to the faucet as if to say, "what's the matter with you? Let the water in!!! It's not going to do me any good if it all stays out there!"

    So I turned on a little trickle of water and she instantly calmed down, started purring, drank a little running water, and then laid down next to the stream to take a little bath with it.

    This is a very strange little cat!!!
  2. weepingwillow
    How cute.
  3. BrokenGirl
  4. phoenixsystem13
  5. Malice
    Lol cute story, Flight sounds like a neat little cat
  6. Caro's_Littles
    Can we trade u our kittys? They hate taking baths! We trade u for ur kitty who likes baths.

    the chittles
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