not sure what to do

  1. angel.heart
    never created a group before i dunno what to do.
    but i welcome anyone who wants to join.

    right now i'm working on a vast, magnificent underground city in Minecraft. omg it's soo cool! gonna take ages to build...but i love it so far. it is gonna be like Ironforge in World of Warcraft, or like the huuuge dwarven cities in Lord of the Rings.
  2. Mai
    did you finish your city?
  3. MasquedHatter
    We never know what to do in Minecraft, usually we just wander around the worlds. How do get your ideas?
  4. JustMeM
    I usually go look at lego for ideas what to build in creative mode. You should go on youtube and look what people build there. I like minecraft's music its so relaxing.
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