Black cats

  1. Tristan3
    I don't have a cat because I have too small apartment at the moment. But I really really love cats and want one since I was a child. I will have it when I will move into a bigger apartment and I will take one from a shelter. Not necessarily black but I do love black kittens with green eyes. They are just so cute

    What kind of cat is your favourite?

    Here are some pictures for those who like looking cute cat pictures They always make me smile



  2. weepingwillow
    My favorite cats are the ones that come to me, I guess. We usually take in strays or adopt. Right now we have 4 cats, though none are black. They make great companions. I hope you are able to have a cat to live with real soon.
  3. catmom21
    same here willow. my first cat I got from shelter and the second cat I think came to the wrong house, just so happen he stop at my house and I took him in. he is laying on my pillow as I type this. he is secretly trying to claim it. I post a photo of my cat on here. Bobby is mix with black so maybe that counts.
  4. Blue sky
    Blue sky
    Hi. We are new here. We have a black cat and we like her a lot.
  5. Corey
    do any of you follow the @mysadcat account on twitter? I'm a big fan of The Bear.. I think he's the coolest black cat... at least until I can get my own...
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