cat help pls

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  1. weepingwillow
    Oh noes! I've had cats that had to be shaved for things once in a while, it's always so funny looking. Glad that the kitty is ok. It's always a relief when you find out they're ok.
  2. kailima
    tanks u. she bes huggy meow now.but da bikini looks weird. hopes she no bes cold der.she seepy gud tho. .nini i seepy.... hopes u meow and woofys be kk.
  3. NeonShadowCat
    First short haired cats will do the butt wipe thing.... any cat with an itchy butt will. As a skin soother if your cat will allow it you can bathe him/her in a skin soothing soak. One of my cats had a heart condition and was given a shot for excess water. This made him a dry itchy mess. The poor little guy was a basket case.
    A friend suggested a nice warm anti itch bath. It helped him alot.
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