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  1. theredmarker
    Hey guys! Surely you've all played a game before whose music you really enjoyed. Ever wanted a copy of the song? There's a place called Blue Laguna that has the soundtracks for dozens, hundreds of games. You might need to do a little digging before you find exactly the song you're looking for, if you're unsure of the title, since there are thooouuuusssaaannnndddssss of songs, but it's probably there somewhere!

    Blue Laguna has soundtracks from RPGs, so, if you wanted music from, like, The Sims, you'd have to look for that elsewhere. If you guys also know good places to find video game music, feel free to post!

    Blue Laguna:
  2. skwidkid
    Some video game music I have I got from iTunes. I know, it sounds lame but... I do own the entire final fantasy 3 (6 if you're counting in japanese) done by Nobuo Uematsu. He did other works on final fantasy games that are on there as well. Who'd have thought iTunes would carry gamer music? I didn't until I went hunting for it! Also, if you like souped up versions of your favorite game songs check out I really enjoy the ff series remixes they did on there as well as some other old school nintendo songs that have some remixes.
  3. skwidkid
    I like listening to remixes on OverclockedRemix.
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