Law & Order franchise

  1. gastlypatronus
    my faves are SVU and Criminal Intent. anyone else?
  2. familyof23
    okay LOVE SVU. Love it have seen all the seasons every episode numerous times
  3. Rossk
    OMG, I loved just these two from the L&O franchise. CI would be my #1, I loved only Eames and her partner episodes. Now I just have SVU. It is good but I do miss Stabler being on the show.
  4. Iris
    I miss him too.
  5. Rossk
    He went to the tv show called the Underground (WGNA TV Chicago Network)....the tv show is decent but he play a bad man, as a slave catcher.
  6. familyof23
    SVU is by far my absolute favorite. And I'm seriously in love with Olivia Benson. My hubby thinks I have a 'problem' I have only watched every episode of all 17 seasons like 10+ times. ( I admit I do go on binges from time to time where no one can "reach" me because I am absorbed into SVU land) I really liked Stabler too. And I am so not happy with how they have Ice - T on the show now.....really? But super happy that Olivia has a kid now!
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