An Alter's Love (Poem)

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    Sometimes, I feel like our alters get a bad rap. Some may deserve their rap for what they've done, but it is my personal opinion that all alters are just trying to help in their own misguided way. This poem is to all of the alters, all of the hosts, all of the parts of a person that have helped in a time of intense need. Sometimes, I get upset at the other alters sharing the space in our mind because of what they say or do or make the body feel; I forget that they've suffered greatly in the name of preserving us all. When I wrote this, I made it my intention to look past the action or the word to see what may lay at the heart of all of us, even me. I hope it reminds me, during times of great stress and especially during therapy, that we all did what we had to do out of sheer love for each other. The road to h*ll may be paved with good intentions, but at least we did our best, and I want to remember why, always.

    An Alter's Love

    Lay down your head,
    and let go of the fight.
    Close your tired eyes and,
    let me watch over you this night.

    Dream a little, sweet dream,
    and forget about today.
    Listen to these simple words,
    for they're the last I say.

    Smile, though these endless tears,
    threaten your hurting eyes.
    Tell those you love the truth,
    and keep from them your lies.

    Sing when the pain and sorrow
    take root inside your heart
    Belt out your little melodies
    the pain will soon depart.

    Cry when it's all too much,
    for smiles, or for song,
    those that have been with you,
    will support you along.

    And always remember this:
    that my love for you is so.
    Rest your heavy heart and
    allow this love to grow.

    Please lay down your head,
    and let go of the Fight.
    Close your tired eyes and,
    I will release you tonight.
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