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  1. lilblacklamb

    i hope im putting this in the right place. I just toke this test out of curiosity i scored 41 which isn't that surprising but i was wondering how other people would score and how they feel about it? my friend keeps telling me to "quiet your hands" lately because when i get stressed or its loud i tend to flap my hands at my sides or like rub my fingers together over and over or hum and rock but i try hard not to when im around other people lol....anyway does anyone else do this?
  2. weepingwillow
    36 here. I'm not really surprised either, it's something that's been brought up off and on my entire life really. Although I'm not sure how much of it is social anxiety instead? I fidget. A lot. Used to get in trouble for it all the time when I was little. I tend to use my hands as a focal point to calm myself, and I do this thing where I touch each finger to my thumb in order, back and forth while I'm counting. Never noticed it until someone pointed it out, now I notice it all the time.
  3. Iris
    i got a 38 (jojo)
  4. Ananiujitha
    What I need is human treatment. Just to be able to stay at home, or walk down the street, or go to the grocery store, without getting beaten with so much sensory bombardment. Accessibility is a human right.

    The first lines are anti-autistic hate. The rest I've skipped.
  5. Iris
    I skipped right to the test.
  6. lilblacklamb
    i didnt see any "anti-autistic hate" didnt think there was such a thing i was just curious on what other people thought about it
  7. Iris
    i was confused about the anti autistic hate thing. I think I am on the spectrum and I hope there is no hate towards me.
    I think its just another pop psychology quiz to let you know to talk to your dr about your symptoms.
    Sorry if anyone was offended. IDK
  8. weepingwillow
    Page has the instructions, the quiz, and the little blurb that says that the quiz will help test for ASD. (Well, and some ads.) There's nothing in there that is anti-autistic. In fact, there's not much of anything in there.
  9. Iris
    Ty Willow
    I was confused.
    I didn't see anything on the page.
  10. theredmarker
    I got 20. Wasn't really expecting anything else, though. Interesting to take.
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