Hey there fort!

  1. beck11
    Hi everyone,

    Confused, no more boxes to enter shout?
    Does it fill, and you can't enter?
    Anyway. I'm very needy right now. I would love
    To chat. Finding empty rooms. I have had a lot of loss.
    My whole family .Due to a real estate battle.

    I am also struggling to end a abusive relationship.
    This guy is a narcissist. I don'tlknow when I have
    Felt so alone. I seem to attract people who are
    Controlling, and have bad tempers!!

    Yup, pretty messed up family of origen.
    Which has left me struggling with mental health
    Issues most of my life. I have got tons of therapy,
    Have attended alanon for years. Which has been
    A lifesaver!! I ws born into violence.2 alcoholic parents.

    I feel like I have been running most of my life.
    Thankful to have found this new place to find
    Healing. Looking forward to getting to makeing
    Friends here. Lonely. So please visit the chat rooms.
    See you soon. Beck11
  2. finlyalive
    I visit the chat rooms often, but no one is ever there. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time and that you're so lonely. I understand the lonely. I live alone with my dog and three cats. They aren't much for conversation. No one really understands me other than my T and that is limited as she has never treated anyone with DID. I have been in and out of therapy most of my life but have only really applied myself in the last two years. Hope to see you soon on chat.
  3. flower
    I understand lonely, too. I'm so sorry that any of us feel that way.
  4. Nikki 2
    Nikki 2
    Beck I am so sorry you are lonely. Personally I believe that it is part of their M O to leave us isolated and lonely.
    I have made a priority of trying to rebuild my social life. It was hard at first but I am comfortable with it now.
  5. Nikki 2
    Nikki 2
    Helllo to Everybody!! I agree about the chat rooms. What happened? Perhaps we could organise a weekly catch up in a chatroom?? Somebody suggest a time and state a timezone so we can all work things out.
  6. darkfirefly
    I agree with this. I get so lonly sometimes. I agree with Nikki2. I wish there where more people on chat sometimes
  7. AimeBlue
    Hi. I just now joined this group. I am lonely as well but clueless as to how to chat. As a newbie, I would rather learn how to post in the groups and then move to the chat groups. It is very scary to put myself out there even online, which sounds kind of crazy but it is true! I live an isolated life but the fear of rejection keeps me isolated. Vicious cycle that needs to be broken, so maybe reaching out here will help. So if everyone is on the chat rooms and not here.......come back! Hahaha...please come back! Like Rose on Titanic with the whistle....Come Back!!
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