Triggers in Class

  1. Callmeishmael
    I'm taking a class that is wonderful, but the subject matter is heavy and I keep getting triggered. The readings are hard, I get super emotional and need to take breaks, I'm starting to avoid doing them a bitů. Class is ok, a bit triggering but nothing too serious yet, it might get worse tho, its only the third class, so lots more to go.
    Has anyone else experienced this? I did talk to my prof, who is really wonderful and I will talk to her more if I think she can help, also I've dealt with/am dealing with all these issues, so nothing new, no surprises or anything, but its just really tough to get through with all the emotional baggage. Any tips would be appreciated
  2. stayingstrong
    yeah I am taking a class about family. All the reports have to do with my families strengths and weaknesses which has brought up a lot. Idk for me just taking it slow and doing self care when need.
  3. eagle22
    Wish I could help...when I was doing a playwriting course had to read a short play about child abuse...completely freaked me out and couldn't do it. Skimmed it as best I could and blagged the rest...hope you find a better way round this problem
    xxxx M
  4. Kristy
    Sometimes things come up in class. People saying stuff. Or actually today when we had to disect an animal but for some reason this animal reminded me of someting. I really do not know exactly why. I like the classes in which you learn by touching and feeling the things a textbook can only describe.
    Maybe i had a bad day today. Other days I am the one holding the scalpel, today i dont even know how many times i left the table.
    Halfway through I suddenly felt fine and did some of the later more detailed work myself.

    Ptsd / triggers are a bitch I think. They come and go as they please, and I sometimes feel I have no control over when or why.

    (I study to be a teacher, mastering biology.)
  5. biqararam
    Ugh, that can be a really rubbish feeling! I do English Literature, and sometimes really, really triggering things come up in class and they can't always be predicted. If you trust the tutor you could always try telling them about your triggers (no need to be specific, you could just say "I find discussions about x, y and z very difficult, could you warn me about them in advance?") and maybe even arranging to skip certain classes and catch up by yourself if you know they're going to be super triggering. (Personally, there's a certain lecture on Trainspotting I'm planning on skipping, I think).
    Sorry you're having such a tough time, having triggers as a student can be a total nightmare.
  6. Kristy
    Triggers are a What's making everything a little more diffucult, but it also challenges me to bring out the best in me. Make the most out of life.
    I really enjoy school. I am fascinated by everything there is to learn, even if it is emotionally hard on me. Being a teacher is all about motivating children, and make them enthousiast and willing to learn.
    To make them want to question and explore the world around them and be amazed every day.
    That is cool. And it is so amazing to be a source of inspiration.
  7. TransBoy23
    I've had quite a few issues with this in Philosophy recently. I've found that grounding exercises are the most helpful thing recently. The one that works best for me at the minute is thinking of a colour, or just picking the first one I see, then finding five things that colour around the room. I do this a few times, different colours each time, and that's usually enough to stop me from going too deep into a panic.
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