How to Talk About Sensory Differences?

  1. Ananiujitha
    On another forum, I was asking how to do something on my computer without [encountering] painimation. It seemed straightforward and self-explanatory to me: of course certain kinds of animation hurt! that's what they do! It was utterly baffling to some other users. I had assumed that other sighted people didn't see/feel as much pain, but still saw/felt the same things, with certain exceptions such as color perception. I had no idea that some sighted people didn't see/feel at all the same things when they looked at the same things.

    How can we talk about sensory differences when we don't know what differences there are?

    How can we communicate that we can't take the pain, when they can't see or hear the same pain?
  2. eagle22
    Interesting discussion...Idk but to my mind pain,like colour vision,hearing,smell etc is a personal man's pain is anothers minor irritation. I believe I have a very high pain threshold but maybe in reality I have a low can't as far as I can tell,be judged by anyone other than me..
    Just my thoughts
  3. Ananiujitha
    I assumed hat was what was going on: that every sighted person saw the same pain, but not the same degree of pain, so it wasn't an urgent issue for everyone. But apparently most sighted people don't see the same things at all.
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