youtubes depository :D

  1. Manya

    the documentaries page up and running

    some films there are triggery, naturally, but still lotsa interesting material. if you bump into stuff on youtube you think would be good to add - please drop a link in here. even if it wouldnt fit in any of the categories currently there. can always add more categories, if its relevant to abuse, aftermath, mental health, recovery, etc. however, it needs to be a complete film, not just a short clip.

  2. eagle22
    Hi Manya
    just wanted to report that it looks like any of the BBC Worldwide films you have in this section are blocked from view in the UK..which is odd given its the BBC..thought you'd like to know
    xxxx M
  3. Manya
    oo i do. tysm for headsup, we got lotsa bbc there. will look for replacements
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