Medical Care?

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  1. Ananiujitha

    I am suffering from a number of health issues, including neurological issues. My doctor has referred me to a neurologist, who I saw last year, bbut my condition has continued to deteriorate.

    I can schedule an appointment with my doctor, and go to her office within walking distance.

    I can't schedule an appointment with the specialist, because that would require a phone call, and I can't go to an appointment, because that would require a bus and train ride, and with my neurological issues neither phones, nor the trains are accessible, and the buses aren't always accessible.

    I do need expert advice on my condition.

    So is there anything that could work here?
  2. Manya
    im sure there are solutions, but they would depend on your location, disabilities, and other factors that make you qualify or not qualify for some of the programs, like age, income, etc. for example, i personally get to have free car rides to medical appointments. in your shoes i would get in touch with social services in your area and have them research and arrange these solutions. and since using a phone is a problem - i personally would also just get a case worker, from social services as well, so that it would be one person that im talking to, each time i need something, who is aware of my circumstances and needs, as opposed to calling a general inquiries number and speaking to a new person each time. once i have that case worker assigned to me - i can negotiate the means of communication with them, like whether it would be phone, email, snail mail, or home visits. those case workers know of the programs/options available to you, and can come up with solutions a lot better than we at fort could.

    if calling social services even once, to arrange for a case worker to come talk to you, is not possible - this is a potentially life-threatening situation, cuz you need to be able to call for help in case of emergencies. if youre unable to do it, adult protective services need to step in and resolve this one way or another. i mean, youre saying youre in need of medical care that you cant reach. not safe. and what if theres a fire in your house or something. need to be able to reach out for help one way or the other.
  3. Ananiujitha
    If there's a fire, I'd be collapsed on the ground, incapacitated by the alarm. It's happened with cooking accidents. I'm living with my brother. He's disabled too, not the same way, so he's been able to help with that, but he can't help with this.
  4. UnknownSoldier
    Hi Ananiujitha,

    Would it be possible your doctor arranges the appointments / phone calls, for you?

    Is there anyone who could work as a ride to the specialist - are there any field social workers, charities, churches people who would be willing to do that kind of a task for a disabled person? Are there any hospitals-affiliated specialists where the escort service may be provided as per affiliation with the clinic itself?
  5. Ananiujitha
    I don't know.

    I have contacted my regular doctor. Also, there will be a fire alarm test at my apartment sometime next week. I can't handle it, and I can't find out when to be able to avoid it because the only contact info was a phone number. I got beaten up with the sensory bombardment early this morning, and just got hit again.
  6. UnknownSoldier
    Ananiujitha, is there anywhere else you could go for the time? Exit as fast as possible when the alarm starts, go somewhere safe, not be present in the building for the duration?
  7. LifeSizeMirror
    If you can't arrange a phonecall to the social services, can you get to your local hospital? they should have social workers at the hospital/emergency department that can help you come up with a plan, maybe get you access to an emergency alert necklace for emergency situations.
  8. Ananiujitha
    I'd have to cross a major highway next to another major highway. I don't know if I can do that. I wrote to my doctor, explaining why I can't see the neurologist, and she responded, explaining that I should see the neurologist about that.
  9. familyof23
    I'm sorry you are having so many troubles getting the help and care you need. I can truly understand that. Mine aren't as serious, but I have been there with the medical field. I'm sorry. I don't have much advice for you or anything, but I understand and am sitting here with you if you'd like. I hope you get the care that you need.
  10. Ananiujitha
    Does anyone know whether it's possible to make tty/relay calls from a Mac? (I have tried Linux and Windows, but have had nightmarish hardware accessibility issues. I can't use touchscreen devices.)
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