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  1. Tashi
    I'm not sure how I feel. Been quiet and ignored for so long. Never come out, never talked to. But I am here. The controller, the big one sort of moved on, but won't listen to me. Maybe here someone will listen. We were told in therapy that we, as a whole have to catch up cause the abuse kept us from maturing. Well she, the big one moved on, but I am stuck. Now I found this group and maybe I want to talk, but I am not sure. I am scared. Very scared.
    My name was Kathy, but I got lost and then she changed our name. She wanted Kathy to go away, to be forgotten. She didn't want to hear about Kathy or even say the name.
  2. davis
    Hi.... Tashi? Or is that the generic handle? Sounds really lonely. That sucks and is so unfair. I'm sorry you've been ignored. I'm confused, did she change just your name from Kathy, or was it the body name and she changed that for everyone? 'Cause our upfronters changed the birth name, too, and use a totally different one now to the outside. That doesn't make any of us go away, but we like it better. It's like, we don't have to cringe every time we hear that name that we never liked and that was used when all the crappy things were going on with the outside family. Dunno. That may not be the same with you at all. Can you pick a new name for yourself that you like? I picked mine. I didn't know it was a dude's name when I did. I heard it as a last name and just liked it. So I use it even though I'm a girl. It can be empowering to pick your own name. But maybe that doesn't apply to your guys. Dunno. *shrug*

    Holey shite, I'm just jabbering now! I'm not good at this, but just wanted to respond, ya know? Hope you can come back and talk more here. I'm new, but so far this seems like an a'ight place. Take care.--davis
  3. moondreams
    Hi there. Nice to meet you. Im so sorry that you have been ignored and hurt. You don't deserve to be treated like that. I hope your big will start listening to you. Im not really sure what you mean about the name change either. If you mean the bodys name I see. But if you mean your actual name I don't think anyone has the power to change it other then you. I guess it depends on what name you mean. You can talk here as much as youd like. Also Im sorry you are lonely. It does sounds like a lonely situation to be in. Here listening.

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