New Pics are up

  1. moondreams
    hey everyone just learned how to finally add pictures on here so I have some new pictures added. decided to talk a little bit about them. its nice to talk about something not always so serios so heres a nice happy post. so anyway we wanted to say the reasons behind each pics.

    all of us love butterflies and flowers. I decided for a pink picture because most of our system is girls and not only girls but teens or younger girls. so that's why I wanted something pink. I chose a blue flower because I (Ashley) love blue. its my favorite color. and purple is destinys favorite color. I don't know what the newer teens favorite colors are or id probably have that up too.

    and I finally chose music notes because most teens love music. I know we do. music is a huge part in our life. you don't have to be a teenager to love music. but still a lot of teens really like to jam out with music.

    we might add more pics in the future. hope everyone likes them.

    anyone can make a comment on the pics if they want to. its up to you.

  2. davis
    Cool pics! 'Specially love the music one. That's how we feel about music. Just swirls and moves through us in beautiful colors and swirls..... and sometimes in raucous stomping if it's mine. Ha! And yeah, some of the younger ones in here lately have asserted their love of pink. Whatevs. I like all kinds of color. *shrug*
  3. lunateen
    love it as well. I know this is kinda late reply. but I think u did a good job picking out pictures for the group. I love the music one a lot too. well all of them really. and the pics r so pretty to look at.
  4. Tashi
    We love the photos. Flower pics are our favs, along with landscapes. We like to draw trees and grass and sunshine, cause we love being outdoors. Thanks.
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