Healing Under a Canopy (poem)

  1. LovelyChantel
    Healing Under a Canopy

    Stroll through the shaded wood I must;
    Liniment for a marred soul.
    In love with the seclusion it offers;
    I yearn for the peace it brings.
    Amble about in nature's song
    I stroll along to such sounds:
    Singing birds, dinky feet on Forest's floor, water-a-trickling.

    Healing from a pain so deep
    It threatens to crush my voice.
    I rebel, fight back, scream, kick, cry.
    I will not allow this.
    You cannot have my soul.
    My past will not destroy me!
    Your 'control' is merely an illusion.
    I am no longer a child.

    For I see the light.
    It's above me,
    Filtering through the leaves.
    It streaks my face with gold.
    I feel its warmth on my skin.
    This is the color of confidence.
    I give myself the permission.
    I can heal.
    No one else can have

    I smile.
    I laugh.
    I cry.
    I'm filled with joy.
    I am at peace.

    Up ahead, I see a bridge.
    I will cross it.
    I will burn it down.
  2. LovelyChantel
    How would I go about getting this published? I really am very attached to this poem and would like others be able to see/read it. I'm quite fond of it and it's very dear to me. Thanks.
  3. Manya
    oh man, so sorry, i missed this post somehow. posting it to poetry page today-tomorrow, tysm for sharing
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