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  1. Mickey
    my fave current show is House on the Fox network. i know he is sarcastic and rude, but i like how he says what he thinks. i read recently that the star, Hugh Laurie, is a British actor who has to fake an American accent. i think that's cool. i've heard lots of americans fake brit accents, but i never realized the other way around. wish i could hear how he normally talks. i think he does a good job. my fave House episode is called One Day, One Room about a girl who is r*ped and wont talk to anyone about it but him, even tho he is rude to her. i'll have to watch it again to tell you more about it. if you ever get the chance, you should see that episode. it doesnt show anything about the rape, just about how he helps her talk about it. very good episode. thats all for now.
  2. Emily-J
    I love that show too, Mickey, and I know the episode you're talking about. He has a lot of issues with his d*d too which come out every now and then.

    If you want to hear how he speaks in his Brit voice, you can see him in a smallish role in the movie Sense and Sensibility (with Emma Thompsen and Kate Winslet). He's also in every season of Black Adder with Rowan Atkinson (fabulous show). He's in Jeeves and Wooster too, which usually comes on public TV. He did a good guest spot on Sat Night Live once...hilarious. Definitely a fave of mine.
  3. Mickey
    thanks emily! i'll check it out.
  4. Erin
    I think my favorite show right now is Criminal Minds....about FBI profilers tracking down serial killers. I also like House and his sarcastic, rude behavior...didn't know he was a Brit....I have a little in me maternal Grandmother was born in England.
  5. Emily-J
    mmm fave shows...

    Believe it or not, Dexter is one of my faves. And House. And I like Star Trek (from years gone by... pretty much all of them). I am very attached to The West Wing and enjoy watching old ones again.
  6. Mickey
    i like Star Trek, too, the original series. i was out shopping today, and i found a christmas ornament of a communicator. it makes the noise like they used to make, and it also has recordings of capt kirk, spock, and others speaking common phrases. its so cool! i couldnt pass it up!
  7. Lynx
    Firefly and Farscape... both canceled
    Start Trek TNG and Voyager, both canceled
    I can't remember more at the moment, but pretty much all the shows I like the most are canceled...

    Except Heroes... but I don't get to watch that since I missed like a years worth and don't have cable TV lol
  8. Emily-J
    Oh, how could I have forgotten Mad Men! Absolutely love that show. Waiting not at all patiently for season 3
  9. Erin
    Another one of my favorites is Prison Break....can't wait for the next episode!!!
  10. SoaringEagle
    my favorite shows are NCIS and Criminal Minds I also like
    Two in a Half Men...I also like House but it is on at the same time as one of
    the other shows that I have to tape (for hubby) so I dont get to see it all
    that often....I saw Huge Laurie in an interview on David Letterman and he was
    sayin that talking in with the American accent gives him a sore throat
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