what do you study?

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  1. BrokenGirl
    welcome to group, introduce yourself and your study area

    we studied veterinary medicine
  2. eagle22
    hello new group!
    I'm not currently studying ..but have taken BA degree from the Open University in the UK,plus have done many online uni courses too.
    I love learning...but when there was assignments due in I would often find other,more pressing,stuff to do....like looking at cute cats online,painting the sitting room,or generally doing anything not to face the fact I had two days to get a 3000 wd essay on the hundred year war in...
    The degree consisted of part history,part religion and part creative writing/poetry/screenwriting...( which I loved)
    Anyway,thought I'd join this group as no doubt will be doing more studying ( or mucking around) in the new year.
    xxxx M
  3. catmom21

    I am currently in school for nursing. I am pre-nursing as you would call it because I am finishing my classes for the nursing program to apply. I have to take pre-nursing test, which I have been studying for this month to take it next month. I have more prepare. I am a bit scare because I am getting close to the 'real' world and dealing with people do actually close to my dreams. I have a fear of success which I find weird but I am trying my best.
  4. Skishybear
    Heya! We're just finishing up our Master's in social work. We'll be (hopefully) graduating this coming May... having the end of a 3-year grad program be in sight is a little scary (like you, catmom, we're afraid of success too). We also have a bit of a streak* of perfectionism but although some Ts in the past have tried to help us see that we don't NEED to stress ourself to get all A's, we do it anyway... I dunno, seems to work okay. Although I will admit, this past semester has been the easiest out of all of them... not sure why? since we've had to do 300 hours of internship on top of two classes. But we're doing quite well and are trying to understand the concept of "personal satisfaction" from doing so well (it just doesn't compute in our brain -- for other people yes, for us, no).

    *I.e., a huge big lot of perfectionism!! We have to be "perfect" or else we're not acceptable... So that's a lot of stress on us.
  5. Trevor782
    Hiyas Evry1:

    Working toward Bachelor of Science in Public Administration, concentration in Health Services Administration.

    Just finished a semester. My last semester starts 3rd week of January. Graduating in May. Currently taking 1 online course during Winter Break to get it out of the way.

    As a student & scholar, I struggle with every one of the issues described above (i.e., procrastination, avoidance, perfectionism, fear of success, etc.).

    Wishing you all the very best with your studies. I find my studies quite rewarding at times (like when I am not having a panic attack over it or developing stomach problems from the stress).

    <--- monkey holding his stomach and laughing his stomach problems away. Trying not to hurl.

  6. JustMeM
    I am studying BCom law from home through a university. I have ADD and dyslexia so I struggle with learning a lot, I also have severe anxiety and sometimes exam stress doesnt help me a lot.
  7. catmom21
    might be change my major from nursing to genetic counselor. i love psychology and genes so why not put it together. i am trying nursing but if i cant get pass the pre-nursing exam again, then i will switch to genetic counselor im cool with that
  8. JustMeM
    Thats pretty cool catmom. Good luck for the exams
  9. Kristy
    I just started.uni to become a biology teacher.
  10. catmom21
    i completely switch to genetic counselor, which i am fine with. i think this is the field for me anyways. got accepted to a good university to get my psychology degree and minor in biological science. i have to up to biochemistry scary but will do it. im determine. and want to finish school on a good note. will have my liberal arts degree by the end of this year. already have my general studies degree over the summer so another one this year. yay!!
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