Completely Alone

  1. JustMeM
    I feel very lonely.

    My birthday is coming up in 19 days. I'll be turning 22. Saddest part is I will be alone. No friends, No family, just me.. I guess my parents will probably stay here and spend it with me... I hope..

    I need friends. Is anyone else finding it very hard to make friends or is it just me?
  2. Forest
    I have a b'day coming up soon too, I'll be spending it in solitude, doing my self-care, that's ok.

    I find it hard to make friends too but have recently made a little progress, not making friends yet but at least meeting new people. I've joined two new groups and just trying to build up my confidence and learn about how to have safe boundaries when I'm around other people. It takes time, I just try to do a little at a time.

    Anyways good to meet you . Do you have any hobbies or perhaps something you enjoy in your own time? I'm loving my art class, painting is a new thing for me and I'm enjoying starting to feel inspired by the sights of different things when I walk around. So that's fun. And I love music, though my collection is getting a little old, I don't really have the $ right now to buy new stuff
  3. familyof23

    hi hi.
    no u not da only won dat not has no frends. I has onli a litl friends.i has my timmi an da oter gerl dat nam is leesa as a frend. but dat cuz I has bes in das insid a lot. pwus a ltos ofs peepl is afeard of mes. I no no wy day is afeard ofs me. but owr timmi bwings us lots ofs toys so wes can pla. an we cans com heer ons chat wit oter peepl if wes is lonli. but I tink I is lik yu an I wan sum frends on da owtsid to pla wit. cuz u no wut? I has a sistr on da insid an me an her... wes pla wit eechj oter. but sumtims I not wan pla wit her on da insid ncuz der is a lots ofs peepl in der an day not allways gets along wit eech oter and it hard pla wen day all bes a fitng. so u is nots alown.
    frum amy 6 yeers
  4. JustMeM
    Thank you guys for being there for me. Its really been helpful.

    I decided that if people want to be with me for my birthday then they can if not, I am okay with it.

    I decided to send everyone on my contact list a message and see who wants to talk and actually 5 out of 30 people started talking to me. My oldest sister is also talking to me again and that makes me feel much better I dont feel that alone, but still have no one in town I know. I dont know how to make new friends. Its not like I can go somewhere alone to make friends.

    When I was younger it was easy to make friends, but now it seems that you need friends in order to make friends.

    Lol but I'll figure it out. If anyone of you are every feeling lonely and want to talk you are more than welcome to add me as a friend and say hi

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