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  1. catmom21
    So I went to the vet for my two cats. The oldest one if fine and healthy but the youngest is over weight by seven pounds. I didn't know. I thought it was part of his breed and that some cats get bigger then others but I didn't know I was over feeding him. I give both cats the same amount of food every day. So I feel like I am a bad mom for not taking care and of them better. The vet said just cut back on the food and see if the youngest cat will lose weight. I kept saying sorry and the youngest seem ok and forgive me I guess.
  2. BrokenGirl
    theres usually feeding guidelines on cat food packaging like how much to feed per weight..and you can feed them separately like in different rooms so the older cat doesnt miss out on his share. good luck some cats just like their food more than others
  3. weepingwillow
    Just like other animals, some cats are prone to obesity. I bet he'll be fine. better to ovrfeed a little than to underfeed imo.
  4. catmom21
    Yeah you both are right. I just feel like a bad mom to my cats. I was just shock because I feed the same amount to both cats. the oldest (Bobby) eats the treats and food more then the youngest (Zen) so when the vet told me Zen one was over weight I did not understand because he doesn't eat as much as Bobby. Zen doesn't even like can food or treats. I don't know, but the vet said to cut back and see if he lose weight for a few months and if he doesn't he may have to take diet pills because since he is overweight it may lead to diabetes in the future and I don't want that. I just hope it works. They still look happy and love me, so I guess I am doing something right by them.
  5. weepingwillow
    They also sell diet cat food, that helps if they are prone to being overweight. I know what you mean about feeling guilty though, I get the same way. My cats are indoor/outdoor, so they get fleas once in a while. It's really common, truly no big deal, but I feel horrible every time.
  6. catmom21
    Yeah I don't like to feel bad on the inside when it comes to my cats. They are my babies. I am their mom, feel like I fail them a bit, but I am working it out for them to be more happy again. I have cut the food, Bobby isn't too thrill about it and I think Zen doesn't care. He drinks more water then food. I give them Science diet which the vet recommend but I have giving it to the cats since I got them. Still don't understand why Zen is overweight but have to start somewhere. I don't want him to get sick in the future.
    *catmom to the rescue*
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