cat help pls

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  1. kailima
    Hi seeking advice to help meow b4 go to vet again .....

    She is dragging her bottem on floor. yet her waste is ok... and she is scratching back... again. any remedys u can think off? no she dont have fleas but a nervous disoder. and takes calming treats that seem to help her . pls help with ideas... ty so much. worried cat mama....
  2. weepingwillow
    I often go see the pet store people here when I have questions like this, since I'm no vet. If it's a nervous habit thing, you might be able to get her wipes or something that would soothe. Dunno if cats get them, but dogs get something called "hot spots" that's kind of the same. It's just a spot that gets irritated when they're stressed out cuz they chew on it. There's stuff designed for that, so might be something available where you are for cats.
  3. kailima
    tyvm ..... think it might just be nerves.... ty for idea of what could help. and yes she does have irratations.... tyty
  4. BrokenGirl
    can still be flea allergy dermatitis even if you dont see fleas. flea allergy dermatitis basically means an allergy to flea can be caused by one single flea. (think mosquito bites in humans) would suggest flea prevention, dont know what is available in your area but something topical or a tablet will do. where im from we use tablets containing spinosad or spot ons containing imidacloprid. it is available OTC here but may only be available at vets in other countries. if itch is severe vet may suggest a short term course of corticosteroids to relieve the itchiness.

  5. SeaGull
    How is kitty doing now?

    We have several long haired ones in our cat family, and occasionally they do this scooting when getting out of litter box, until we get them and help out with toilet paper and scissor to clip fur if necessary. The shorter haired cats don't seem to have this problem

    I fix homemade food recipe for them, and it keeps them really healthy overall. Along with nutritional remedies, this has cleared up even really serious health problems, which some had, as they were all abandoned or feral cats when they found us.

    Sounds like you're a wonderful meow mama
  6. kailima
    think meow is ok ... for moemnt... but still scratching sores badly. cant be fleas. so must be stress. have to take her to vet. cant leave on vacation with her doign this .worried. she will be alone basicly for 7 days. they will feed and water but not stay and pet.. or let her sleep in with them. She just cant mix woth their 2 cats and 2 dogs... worried. tried the cream.... but she jsut might have bad nerves.. even tried open windows and sun . 2 days then vet.... sigh...

    ty so much for ideas and saying we good mama.. trying...
  7. BrokenGirl
    what did vet say?
  8. kailima
    waiting on vet til Tuesday. but hoping not fleas. but that is very very treatable. ty for beiung here and caring. wil give meow extra pets from u also . meow :smiles
  9. kailima
    my meow bes kk. she got owie on hinny. and ears. but nice dr helps her. but deys shave her bikini.

    she bes purrr now.
  10. BrokenGirl
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