Only a cat (or maybe dog) person would understand this...

  1. EllieBelleKitty
    1. You notice you need to pee.
    2. You walk into the bathroom, and glance down at the mat to notice that the barfing sounds in the middle of the night were NOT in fact your imagination.
    3. You grab your barf-cleaning accoutrements of choice and get to work.
    4. You decide the mat is in pretty good shape and you'll rinse it off in the bathtub after you've stepped out following your next shower.
    5. You wonder what the heck the cat ate anyway.
    6. And for that matter, which cat was it?
    7. You realize you still need to pee.
    8. You report all this to other cat people online.
    9. You realize you have still not yet peed.
  2. kailima
    lol too funny and true... adding to it...
    1. ready to go to bed
    2.find furball
    3. clean fur ball with lots of soap while ...makeing yuck face
    4. then scrub mattress (after removing all pillows and bedding
    5. start wash while yawning
    6. wrap up in blanket and sleep
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