Overly strong sense of smell?

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  1. weepingwillow
    I don't know if this is an HSP thing for sure, or what it is, but my sense of smell is ridiculous. This came up today because my cat got skunked twice in one week. My husband could hardly smell it, but I thought it was pretty bad. We kind of let it go because she seemed to be naturally airing out, and then a couple days later she came home smelling even more strongly of skunk. (Poor kitty. :( )

    I couldn't take it again, so it was time for a bath. This cat is 8 years old, small but strong, and only ever been fully bathed one other time in her life when she was a kitten. The vinegar and skunk/wet cat smell was even worse. I did get her bathed and rinsed in about 10 minutes, but that was rough single handed.

    I feel bad for doing something like that which she really hates because I can smell something no one else can smell. I do this sort of thing all the time, end up hunting down smells no one else can tell are there and cleaning the crap out of it. Also throwing away food that everyone else thinks is fine. If it's just me being a bit paranoid, or if my sense of smell is just that strong.
  2. WinterRosie
    Mine is about that strong as well. I'm often smelling smoke and fire and telling other people about it and they don't smell it. So I stop work to investigate and it's usually the toaster. One time it was a plastic bag near the heating vent.
  3. EllieBelleKitty
    I really wish they hadn't "corrected" my jaw "deformity" for a lot of reasons but one of those reasons is because as soon as they "fixed" my jaw, my sense of smell opened up to a degree it never had before. All of a sudden I smelled EVERYTHING, and most of it smelled terrible. Actually for me one of the best things about living in the country is that most of the surrounding smells are neutral to somewhat pleasant. In the city, not so much. (Ever notice how strong a mailbox smells? WOW that's a lot of metal-smell.)
  4. weepingwillow
    I know what you mean. When I quit smoking, everyone kept telling me my sense of smell would improve. Kept trying to explain that this wasn't a desirable thing but no one ever got it.
  5. Vivian
    Wet cat Alone, can drive you to insanity. !!! (Lol) okay seriously though. ...

    Right now we are in a beautiful setting in the woods, and the smell outdoors is great. But Inside? Whoever had this house before us....
    When we moved in I told my husband I smelt rabbit poo, on the rug, especially on the guest room.
    He smelled something, but didn't know what.
    I spent a total of 17 hours going over the rug w a cleaner. No use, still there. Then, a neighbor came over to greet us, and told us of the previous owners and their caged rabbits in the house.
    Yep. Grooooooooss.
    The whole of the house has different yuck smells on the rug.
    We are hopefully going to change that soon.
    As it is, good smells are important to me, so I carry multiple sprays of my favorite smells with me at all times.
    I love the smell of our pines, but life tends to have a Lot more Yuck smells, than Good.

  6. weepingwillow
    I wish I knew. I'm sure we all wish we knew. I've found that the only way to fix smells in carpeting for me is to get rid of the carpet. I've cleaned, scrubbed, steamed, and "deodorized" the carpets in my house here and still smell the decade old animal urine. It's from elderly animals and was kind of unavoidable, but had they cleaned it properly right away it might not have soaked in so much.

    Hope you can get your rug changed soon! I know that feel.
  7. Sangria
    oy, house smells...everyones house smells different. Our old house was different from the current one, and I can't stand it. That smell has invaded the furniture, which has been relegated to the basement.
    carpets. The Bane of my existence. once a week I shampoo it using oxyclean and simple green. I also have candles lit almost all the time.
    My dog stinks. no matter how much or how little she is bathed she stinks. I've gone so far as to spray her with febreeze. yes. I did that.
    Being pregnant smells REALLY get to me much more than normal. It may kill me.
  8. kailima
    Try to ignor asmuch smeels asmuch as can. Sometimes using pepperments to mask the smells.Keeping upwind of smoke or bad BO. Or the smeel of cooking meat. ugh. The cat box... eek.
  9. eagle22
    I have a strong sense of smell too. Loved the idea of the poor cat getting skunked...we don't have them in England so have no idea what's that like...but I used to have 4 dogs that would roll in fox poo..oh how they loved that!! My ex husband would arrive back from walking them having travelled in the car with fox poo covered happy waggy dogs and would just hand them over to be bathed
    I too gave up smoking and the smell problem became worse and worse. I can even "smell" people on TV....
    Strong perfume can tip me over the top although I wear my own all the time and as for dirty smelling people....
    I'm going off now to dream of Pepe le Pew...if anyone remembers him..
    xxxx M
  10. Sangria
    My insulin makes me gag. The smell of that is horrible
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