Who needs small children when you have cats to drive you to irrationality?

  1. EllieBelleKitty
    So I've started doing a bit of yoga again after two years away from it. I'm not attending class, I'm just unfolding a mat in the living room and stretching the knots out of myself. The kitten has never seen this before. Blessing, the senior cat, has, but he has forgotten all the rules, plus we need new ones now that there is a second cat. I am gradually getting the point across to both of them that when the yoga mat is on the floor, that is the one area of the house where they ought NOT be. But apparently there are other things the kitten has not figured out as yet.

    At the end of my session this evening I was lying in savasana (in other words flat as a pancake, looking very much as though I might be taking a nap on the laminate flooring for a change of pace). I was not surprised to have whiskers and hot breath tickling my face - I fully expected she'd have to inspect me the first dozen or times she witnessed this - but a few seconds later I felt someone lick my ankle and walk away. Then I heard the characteristic soft thud of a small cat getting up on the counter.

    I opened my eyes and there she was. "Flight?"

    No response.

    "Flight, get off the counter."

    She looked at me as if to say "what?"

    "Flight, get off the counter!...Yeah, YOU! I see you there! I may be lying on the floor but I'm not blind!"

    She got off the counter and I started laughing at myself. I may be lying on the floor but I'm not blind. That seems somehow like a new classic. Who needs toddlers when you have a kitten looking desperately for excuses to break the rules?
  2. weepingwillow
    that's awesome.
  3. SeaGull
    So funny!! hehe.....
    Well, at least in your "family" the one doing the counter jumping is a kitten! I picked up an old table/kitchen island for more counter room and the only male cat (he's a really spoiled "baby") in the house, keeps wanting to enjoy the cool white metal top. Usually it takes getting up and pushing his substantial rotundness off, at least a couple times a day!

    Yes, they can be similar to small children, have thought that often!
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