Find mechanical noises uncomfortable?

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  1. weepingwillow
    Something that irritates the daylights out of me that most people don't understand, but I figured you guys might.

    Was at the grocery store tonight with my husband, and one of the freezer units was making this horrendous squealing/whistling noise. idk, guess it would be a high pitched whine. The closer we got to the thing the more it bothered me, and when we were standing next to it I couldn't even think. It was actually causing me a headache. Not only was it irritating, but it was like it disrupted my brain's functioning somehow. short-circuited by a noise, yeah that sounds about right for me.

    That got me to thinking though, that there are a lot of these noises that most people can't even hear and they drive me nuts. Tvs when they're on, most electronics actually, make a noise all of the time. The older tube styled tvs and monitors made more noise, but the new ones still do. VCRs, all kinds of stuff. I also have trouble with engine noises--lawnmowers (a pet peeve of mine), snow blowers, vehicles -- especially large vehicles like the dump trucks, the wood chipper, the neighbor's leaf blower .... apparently I hate yard equipment. Alarms get to me to, because if an alarm is going off you're supposed to do something and I get anxious when there's an alarm and nothing I can do. Also sometimes these types of noises seem to cause pain in my ears, could be me grinding my teeth I guess.

    I have been known to holler back to the kitchen crew at a fast food place, "Hey, your fries are done!" I don't know how they miss that thing going off

    So is this maybe an HSP thing, or am I just cranky?
  2. EllieBelleKitty
    Not just you at all. The other night I thought I was going to lose my flippin' mind because the fridge and the computer were both making noise at the same time!
  3. Manya
    i feel this way when im sick. like, not feeling well. migraine, upset stomach, toothache, anxiety attack, etc.
    i hate the garbage truck that comes by every morning at 6:15 here. it stops right by my window an makes all these stopping noises that they do, beeping an clacking an all that, an then starts opening its behind, slowly, with a noise. an then they all jump out of it an start yelling an throwing garbage bags into the thing. i sometimes daydream i had a grenade to throw at it, that it should never come back lol
  4. weepingwillow
    yeah, multiple electronics are kinda mind boggling. And I know exactly what you mean about the grenade. Feel the same about our garbage pickup and it's only once a week! Though if they never came back, we'd get buried in garbage and that doesn't sound so great either.
  5. eagle22

    saw this thread and just had to post. I'm hugely sensitive to noise too. Mechanical sounds can drive me crazy and cause physical like symptoms,although not physically if you can understand ...its as if its just under the skin...
    I have problems with rubbish trucks comes every week around 7am on a Friday and I can feel myself tense up just before it arrives. I can also somehow hear electricity...its a very very quiet buzzing sound. I have read online that some cities and towns seem to emit a low buzzing sound at 2am ish...and the theory is a discharge of electric current is happening...don't know if this is true but guess all that electricity in the air can't be good for anyone and has to go somewhere.
    Squealing sounds are another problem for me..I live by quite a busy road and "boy racers" tend to spend many a happy hour squealing round the corner and slamming on their has the same effect as chalk down a blackboard..!
    xxxx M
  6. moondreams
    I had to respond to this. noises bug me a lot. I can hear soft sounds that no one else around me can hear yet I can. then when it comes to noises that r a little loud they bug me. some noise r really loud and it hurts my ears so bad. I always felt like I was alone. one thing is I hear a watch beep every morning yet mom doesn't hear it. also I hate sirens and anything that sounds loud. I have to cover my ears and I still hear the noises. one noise I cant stand is the vacume cleaner. mom used it for about a minute before it broke and I had music playing and stay away from the room cuz if I was in there it would drive me nuts. it still bugged me for a bit. also then hearing mom scream bad words hurt my ears when the vacume broke.
  7. Sangria
    I run a fan in my room all the time, to help mask other noises. Fluorescent lights drive me batty. Make my skin hurt.
  8. Vivian
    When the baby monitor is on, it pucks up different frequencies. ... I guess you could call it. And I can't STAND it.
    I think because, what the hell is it picking up? Aliens?
    I notice the sound of some light bulbs even, wth.
    Or the fridge when it fluctuates.
    I think that is what bothers me the Most, is When sounds change pitch, rhythm, or intensity for no apparent reason.

    Oddly enough I sleep w a fan.
    Cuz it drowns out the others.
    For some reason if I focus on the slight variation There, it can actually help me sleep.
  9. eagle22
    I hear the fridge too,plus lightbulbs,plus watch beeps,and miniscule sounds that others don't.
    I can experience sound as something physical but can't put that into words. For me sound can be like a punch or slap causing me actual any of you feel this way?
  10. LovelyChantel
    I thought I was the only one who was like this!!! This is crazy!
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