1. theredmarker
    So...finally got around to writing this. >_>

    I want to recommend the anime entitled No.6.

    It is a dystopian sci-fi story, set in a city called No.6. No.6, and its neighbours, were built after a massive war destroyed most of the nation's hospitable land and sent much of it underwater. The remaining people vowed to build paradises, societies without war or conflict, places where everyone could live in peace and contentment.

    Our story begins in the Chronos District, a prestigious sector of No.6 where only the very gifted dwell. Here resides Sion, a boy found to have exceptional talent and IQ when tested at age 2. He attends an advanced class with his friend Safu.

    But not all is as peaceful and flawless as it seems. One rainy night, when Sion leaves his window wide open, a fugitive about his age busts into his room and threatens him. Oddly, Sion doesn't appear very frightened, and agrees to help him. When patching up the fugitive's wounds and bringing him something to eat, Sion learns his name is Rat ("Nezumi"). Fascinated with each other and their opposing points of view, they becoming fast friends, changing them both forever.

    Though it was only one night, years later Sion still has not forgotten Rat. The change in him leads Sion down the dangerous path of learning the true nature of No.6, the people inside it, and the people it has forgotten. Perhaps the truth can be unraveled with the help of an old friend...

    Seriously, though, guys. This is an amazing piece of work. I've only watched the anime, but there's a manga as well. I'm interested to see how different it is from the anime, and I might write about that if it leaves an impression. Anyway, this anime is 11 episodes. Very, very easy to get into and commit to. It is very well-paced; doesn't feel tedious or rushed. The first episode will suck you right in, and each subsequent one will get you more interested and asking more questions.

    It. Is. Brilliant.

    It has an amazing soundtrack. The music is beautiful and fits the show perfectly.

    The voice acting. Holy crap. The voice acting is perfect. It's brilliant and well-done and you can really feel the raw emotion in it. There was no half-hearted effort by any of the actors; they embraced their roles with gusto. What I, personally, like to use as a measure for quality of voice acting is how well the screaming is done. And I gotta say, in this, those screams are blood-curdling and chilling. Just brilliant.

    This show is filled with wonderfully three-dimensional characters. Yet despite having completely flushed out personalities to begin with, the character development throughout the story is INCREDIBLE. Breathtaking. Moving. Leaving you in awe. For me, it was the character development that made me fall truly in love with this show. It was this that made me cry my eyes out for like an hour after I finished watching it. No joke. That really happened.

    Here are some triggers to look out for:
    - Blood and violence (though there is no sensationalized gore - they kept it pretty realistic)
    - Prostitution (not graphic)
    - Suicidal ideations
    - Creepy medical/science experiments
    - Dark/disturbing themes

    About it being realistic - that's one of the things I really like about this show and also one of the the things that I think make it high-quality. Many anime rely on archetypes and tropes to tell their story - not No.6. This show does not hold your hand. It shows you the horrors and realities of the world of No.6 without batting an eye. The violence is brutal, but not sensationalized. The feelings are raw but not melodramatic. It's freaking beautiful and I love it.

    I highly, highly recommend it. If you think you can handle the triggers, you should definitely at least give the first episode a try (in fact, here you go: ). It is definitely in my personal top 3 favourite anime.

    Here, have a look at the opening and see if you like the art (TW for guns, knives, jail imagery and religious imagery - not graphic):

    Seriously, it's rare to come across a show that moves me so deeply as this one did. I hadn't been that thoroughly broken since Phycho-Pass (which I also highly recommend and wrote a review for on here ). Check this show out. You won't be disappointed.
  2. SebastianAmore
    So awesome! I have been putting it off for a while though '-.-

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