Hide and seek with Harry Hamrat....

  1. weepingwillow
    Had one of those fuzzy brain moments that makes me really angry with myself. I put one of my hamsters in his little ball to get some exercise out of his cage (Because they really like to run around and explore) and forgot that I'd let him out.

    When I remember I couldn't find him anywhere and so of course panic set in. He has no food or water in the little ball, and no where to potty either. (Although that won't stop them, ewww. ) This had me crawling around on the floor on my hands and knees so I'd be eye level and could maybe find him easier, and still couldn't find him.

    I noticed Snowflake out the window sitting on the porch waiting to come in so I went and let him in and being silly, asked if he could help me find little Harry. The cat walked straight to the back hallway, found the hamster (little stinker got wedged behind a bag of cat litter and I didn't know there was a space back there), meowed to let me know he found him, stopped to get one bite of food and a sip of water, and then asked to go right back outside.

    The cat came in just to help find the hamster????
  2. EllieBelleKitty
    Sounds like he did!

    Reminds me of one day when I was doing a ton of office-y type stuff, getting bills ready to mail (before I put everything on auto-pay), etc, and Blessing climbed into my lap. "Are you going to be my lap desk?" Not imagining in a thousand years that he had that in mind, I put an envelope on his back and proceeded to address an envelope. He just sat there.

    I put the stamp and return address on it. On his back. He just sat there.

    "I don't suppose you could help me seal this envelope?" I showed it to him and he sat there and licked the adhesive strip on the envelope flap!

    He hasn't done this since but it was pretty funny at the time. And on occasion he has decided he'd like to be a "keyboard pillow" in my lap.
  3. weepingwillow
    Wow, that's awesome! Might just be me and my active imagination, but they seem to understand a lot more than they get credit for.
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