Quickie: what's so interesting?

  1. EllieBelleKitty
    Flight, my tuxedo kitten, is now a little over ten months old, and she just keeps find more interesting things in the world. I'm a little concerned however that I might be teaching her a bad habit by example - being a little too hesitant to sleep in the big, exciting, engaging, demanding world.

    She's been sitting on the massage table in my living room/office/whatever the non-bedroom is, and she decided watching me was really interesting. She was sitting up looking right at me - kind of staring. After a while I saw she was still sitting perfectly upright but her little eyes were closed. She seemed to be sleeping sitting up.

    That's not all. I looked again about half a minute later, and she was still sitting up with her eyes closed...but she was leaning about 15 degrees to the left!

    I said "honey why don't you lie down? You're so tired!"

    The little eyes opened a tiny bit and she tried to straighten herself up and continue staring at me. This seemed to be the equivalent of "no no, I was just resting my eyes." But she was so sleepy never lost about the last 10 degrees of her lean to the left, and she just couldn't keep her eyes open.

    "Honey, am I really that interesting? I'm just using the computer like I do all the time. You should lie down and go seepybye."

    Finally she stretched a little and decided lying down did sound nicer than continuing to struggle to monitor the house-monkey (me) in her repetitive behavior. She's snoozing away.
  2. weepingwillow
    Our cats do this too, it's like they're sleeping in guard position or something.
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