Self-Test: Are You a Highly Sensitive Person?

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  1. EllieBelleKitty
    Here's a short quiz by Dr. Elaine Aron that you can use to explore the question as to whether you might be an HSP.
  2. theredmarker
    That was interesting. I scored 21. I always knew I was sensitive to physical stimuli and people's feelings, but I'd never defined it this way before. Neat to think about.
  3. EllieBelleKitty
    I stopped counting after a while - basically however many questions there are on that quiz, subtract 1 and you've got my score!
  4. weepingwillow
    Wow. At least 24, there are two others that I could check some days and not others depending on how far off into dream land I am that day or how overwhelmed I am.
  5. JOC26
    Thanks for sharing.
  6. WinterRosie
    lol. I said yes to all of them.
    But the "I have a rich inner life" confused me. I have DiD... so of course I have an Inside. ?
  7. weepingwillow
    I would definitely count that as a rich inner life.
  8. EllieBelleKitty
    I'm so glad people are getting something out of this group and this post. It was really amazing to me to find out all this unusual stuff I deal with happens because I'm hard-wired differently...but in a way that plenty of people out there are.
  9. LovelyChantel
    I scored 19. Thanks for sharing.
  10. RJ
    I got a score of 23.
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