I'm pretty lonely.

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  1. EllieBelleKitty
    Count me in on this group.

    I'm a reasonably social person, good social skills, good communication skills. Most people who meet me in 3D have a hard time believing I have PTSD or struggle with depression, actually - I'm told I'm pretty fun and very calming/grounding to be around...I'm just not very good at finding friends who aren't abusers. I've had enough "friends" throw me under the bus in recent years that I'm not always sure I want to try anymore. I feel like my chances are better on Fort just because it seems like abuse survivors in search of healing tend to be pretty committed to treating other people well.

    It's a much lesser problem than the aforementioned one, but I'm also not very good at finding friends who keep a schedule similar to mine. I'm naturally up all night; I have to force myself to go to bed in the wee hours just so I can be in the company of other humans during daylight hours. I guess my ideal friend would be a really profoundly nice, fairly gentle-spirited person who can do both serious and seriously silly discussions and is usually up until at least 3am PST.

    I love sp*rituality, cats, sea mammals, music, dance, Native American and Polynesian everything, arts and crafts, the Muppets, artsy-fartsy (and silly) foreign animation, holistic health, travel on the rare occasion I can do it, chocolate, and I'm probably forgetting some of my interests at the moment; I have a ton of them.

    Anyway that's me for those who don't know. See you all around the Fort.
  2. karen
    I have only just joined but feel pretty much as you do. I gave up on people a while back - even survivors as I was very badly hurt by someone on line.
    But loneliness is getting the better of me.

  3. EllieBelleKitty
    I'm so sorry you've been through so much, karen. I hope you'll soon find people who, step by safe and manageable step, prove themselves to be worthy of your trust and friendship.
  4. Gatorgrl
    sorry you were hurt online

    and loneliness is so hard. my T tells me everyone at one time or another feels it
    and she gives me examples of when she felt it and how she overcome it
    when she tells me examples, it helps because I don't feel so alone with the feelings.

  5. catmom21
    Hello everyone.

    I am a bit lonely. I recently cut all of my mines out of mine life. I feel that they let me down. If someone is going through something, then they should be there, but no one has contacted expect one person and that person does not like to talk about sad or 'negative' things so I have no one to talk to. I am glad I found this site because I am starting to see that I am not the only person. the people here are nice and funny, yet can be serious at times. I would love to have a friend here one day who can be nice and silly yet serious when it comes to those moments. Till then, I am okay being lonely at the moment, but it is nice to have a friend who would understand me. even if it does sounds weird to them, they won't judge me.
  6. stayingstrong
    so sorry u were hurt this way i know what u mean having those friends u cld go deep with and also just laugh and keep things light although they are hard to find they are out there have some of those kindof friends on fort
  7. homeless&alone
    know how you all feel ive had a nightmare of 5 yrs 1stly my last partner cheated on me and used my family which i got the brunt of. i had a business that closed down due to a dodgy greedy landlord letting the building fall into disrepair even tho i kept asking for the problems to be done an warned him if not done i stopping my rent promised me he would sort it. builder came in to price the work etc. cut a long story short he broke in changed the locks and from the stress of getting my property out an dealing with being ill i have crohns and so does my brother who i was looking after and his business is quite violent. anyway suffered a nervous breakdown & cancer scare and mini op. all my friends deserted me once i lost my business blocking me and ignoring me on social networks. so know how lonely we can all get. And in my situ its not easy to talk to my mum, as shes seriously ill and has to carer for my brother. Only person i have is my partner. but even he's distant unless its about his hobbies or programmes or interests. i miss female company the gossip the nights out going shopping watching chick flicks etc
  8. EllieBelleKitty
    to any of you who may want one

    Sounds like we could all use a giggle. This is my new favorite goofy video:

  9. Almost39
    I, too, have been struggling with loneliness and depression. I am blaming part of it on having to switch my anxiety medications because it is was causing a serious heart problem. I feel like nobody cares, but realistically, I know that that is not true. I am also dealing with PTSD, but I am having a heck of a time trying to get my life in order. At times, I don't know which way I am going. I am sleeping up to 16 hours (or more) per day, and have been staying in the house. Today is my 39th birthday, and I am celebrating it by myself and I will be doing nothing special for it. I just hate my life right now, and I know it will get better, it is just challenging to see things from that perspective.
  10. catmom21
    Happy Birthday Almost 39

    I understand how you feel. I am going through the same thing. I have been diagnose with depression and anxiety. I got really lazy, did not go out unless I REALLY had to. I cut off connections with my friends because I feel they are not my friends. I have been having some health problems and only one of them stays in contact with me. I have one friend but I would love to make more friends, even if it is online. sometimes you have to make one goal a day to feel like you accomplish something on your own. I think that helps me a bit with my depression and anxiety.
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